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Before the 1974 war, Kyrenia used to be one of Cyprus' major tourist resorts. Kyrenia is situated excellently, in the centre of the islands northern coastline and at the foot of the Kyrenia Range. Its former tourist hotels still remain, but most of them are deserted today.

Kyrenias first settlement date from at least 6000 years ago. Some historians think, that its beginnings go back to the 10th century BC, when it was one of the nine original kingdoms of Cyprus.

The city and its surrounding is an archaeological paradise. Kyrenias great attraction lies in its Venetian castle which now hosts the Ship Wreck Museum and its enchanting harbour. In the vicinity of the ancient town you will find castles and monasteries, situated in the beautifully scenic area of the seacoast.

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach lies  further east, about 10 miles from Kyrenia and you do not need to pay the entrance fee there. After heading east out of the town passing Karakum some miles further you will spot huge sign of Vogue Beach and Acapulco Holiday Resort at the junction on the left. Turn left from the main road and follow the sign. After passing Acapulco on the left the way will lead you to the working place of Alagadi Turtle Beach Project, the sign is directed to your left.  A rough track will then lead you past a farm and through the dunes to a large, sweeping double sandy bay. Turtle Beach is a sandy beach and the water is shallow up to a distance. You will find a small island there, but approach with care as the sea surface in its surroundings is a bit rocky and rough. It is common that visitors coming to this beach take their own sun shade, or refreshment. The facilities are limited but there is Green Turtles Beach Bar which is operating during summer. Avoid leaving litter for it is on this beach where the green and loggerhead turtles come and lay their eggs in the summer. During the egg-laying season the beach area for sitting on is marked out with red painted skates.


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